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The Role of Dermcidin-Induced Genesis of Hypertension in Humans and the Reversal of Its Effect by Acetyl Salicylic Acid. We have reported before that the injection of 1.0 nmol dermcidin/kg body weight in rabbit increased the SBP and DBP by 76% and 46%, respectively, within 60 mins and the dermcidin-induced elevated blood pressures returned to normal ranges during the next 4 h [7].
Administration of chloroform fraction, isolated pyrroloquinazoline alkaloids and acetyl salicylic acid (reference drug) significantly inhibited the development of swelling from 1 to 10 h after carrageenan injection (p <0.005, Fig.
The ototoxic effect of toluene and the influence of noise, acetyl salicylic acid, or genotype.
Aspirin belongs to this same group of substances, and its full name - acetyl salicylic acid - indicates this.
Another group of rats was administered with acetyl salicylic acid (5.0, 10, 20mg/kg body weight, p.o.) in 1.0% CMC as a standard reference drug.
Demographic or clinical characteristics and procedural profile shown in Tables 1 and 2 were evaluated in a univariate analysis, and those with p<0.15 (gender, use of statin and use of acetyl salicylic acid before hospitalization, gender, ST-elevation myocardial infarction as clinical presentation, ejection fraction, smoking, diabetes mellitus, thrombolysis, initiation of clopidogrel in the hospital and normal coronary arteries) were then entered into a multiple logistic regression analysis.