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To examine antioxidant property of mint and basil extracts obtained by methanol, aceton, and hexane, they were added to 100 gram of antioxidant free sunflower oil, at different concentrations (0.
0g of the base complex in 200ml aceton, then gaseous ammonia was passed through this solution for two hours.
Nail Make ingredients: butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetyl tributyl citrate, glycerin/phthalic acid copolymer, isopropyl alcohol, stearalkonium hectorite, camphor, citric acid, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (A07, A08, A12, A13, B07, B11-B13), acrylates copolymer (A04-A06, A08-A13, B01-B12), aceton (B02), barium sulfate (A07, A08, A10-A13, B04, B07, B11-B13), titanium dioxide.
Epoxy resin, which is produced through a reaction between phenol and aceton, has not been produced in the country.
Zur Wertung erh6hter Spiegel von GGT, CDT, Methanol, Aceton and Isopropanol im Blut alkoholauffMliger Kraftfahrer.