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antidiabetic consisting of any of several drugs that reduce the level of glucose in the blood

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USP also recommends that "tall man lettering" be implemented in pharmacy software, labeling, and order writing to say, for example, "acetaZOLamide" (glaucoma) and "acetoHEXamide" (diabetes). TABLE: SIMILAR SOUNDING DRUG NAMES THAT COULD RESULT IN A MEDICATION ERROR Drug Name Confused With Abelcet Amphotericin B Accupril Aciphex Acetazolamide Acetohexamide Aciphex Aricept Aciphex Accupril Activase TNKase Actonel Actos Adderall Inderal Advicor Altocor Aggrastat Argatroban Adapted from Medication Safety Alert.
Other names for this medicine Generic name Brand name acetohexamide Dymelor chlorpropamide Diabinese glimepiride Amaryl glipizide Glucotrol, Glucotrol XL glyburide DiaBeta, Glynase, PresTab, Micronase tolazamide Tolinase tolbutamide Orinase
All sulfonylureas are metabolized in liver to active (e.g., acetohexamide) and/or inactive (e.g., glipizide) metabolites.