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Synonyms for vinegar

sour-tasting liquid produced usually by oxidation of the alcohol in wine or cider and used as a condiment or food preservative

dilute acetic acid

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manufacturing partner has sourced APIs from India for the 11 products in question at least since ACETO assumed its supply contracts with the VA.
ACETO is engaged in the development, marketing, sale and distribution of Human Health products, Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Performance Chemicals,
Aceto is engaged in the marketing, sale and distribution of finished dosage form generics and nutraceutical products, pharmaceutical ingredients and performance chemicals.
Commenting on the results, Albert Eilender, Chairman and CEO of Aceto stated, 'We are very pleased with the overall results that we have reported today.
Because of its wide range of expertise and experience, Aceto will continue to do well and grow market share, according to Mr.
The soft drinks company said that Lou Aceto will join Purple from Red Bull, where he was responsible for "placing the product on the shelves of convenience and grocery store chains and petrol stations" across New England and New York in the United States.
In another emerging area of Brooklyn, Elliman's Helene Luchnick and Lucy Aceto and the Development Marketing Group in 2004 will be marketing 11 loft-like apartments in a ground-up development at 190 Green St.
According to Italian law, tradizionale (traditional) or extra-vecchio tradizionale (extra-old traditional) aceto balsamico must be produced in the northern provinces of Modena or Reggio Emilia in the region of Emilia-Romagna.
On November 30, 1999, the European Commission brought a proposal for a Regulation before the Regulatory Committee on geographic indications and designations of origin, aiming to register the names aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena and aceto balsamico tradizionale di Reggio Emilia.
Then Melanie Aceto, Monica Bill Barnes, Wendy Blum, and Jennifer Phillips, all equally fluent in Wood's quicksilver style, dance together and in pairs to Scott Westerfeld's pastiche of Middle Eastern-sounding music.
Aceto Corporation (NASDAQ:ACET), a global leader in the sourcing, regulatory support, marketing and distribution of chemically derived pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and crop protection products, today announced that it has posted an updated corporate presentation on their corporate website.
On behalf of the entire ACETO team, I welcome Ed and look forward to his contributions to the company.
Human health products company ACETO (NasdaqGS:ACET) said on Wednesday that it has completed the acquisition of generic products and related assets of Citron Pharma LLC for a total consideration, prior to any potential earn-out payments, of about USD429m, or USD349m, net of approximately USD80m of expected tax benefits.
Human health company ACETO (NasdaqGS:ACET) stated on Monday that it plans to introduce Oxybutynin Chloride Extended-Release Tablets, USP in the market .
PACK Pharmaceuticals will receive $80 million in cash and $5 million in Aceto Corp.