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Hummus with GDL, or GDL and acetic acid, had no significantly different microbial counts among the preservative treatments.
The conversion of acetic acid into methane in the ceca
Both methane production and the methane production rate in goslings injected in the ceca with acetic acid were numerically less than in goslings injected with PBS (Table 4).
Acetic acid is the major volatile fatty acid in the ceca of goslings (Chen et al., 1992).
Syn-2-furyl-2-(methoxyimino) acetic acid was prepared from 2-acetyl-furan after oximation, hydrolysis, oxidation, and then condensation with methoxylamine hydrochloride, the total yield was 37.8%.
Keywords: syn-2-furyl-2-(methoxyimino) acetic acid, 2-acetyl-furan, methoxylamine hydrochloride, hydrolysis, oximation, condensation
Preparation of syn-2-Furyl -2-(Methoxyimino) Acetic Acid [16-20]
In 1% and 0.1% acetic acid, the cells became VBNC on the second day and maintained this state up to day 14.
Both nano HA samples, prepared with acetic acid and carbonic acid, appeared amorphous in XRD (Figs.
KEYWORDS: Aflatoxin, Acetic acid, WBCsDC, Thymus, Harderian gland.
Acetic acid is one of the important organic acids, which is a synthetic carboxylic acid (CH3COOH) responsible for the characteristic odor and sour taste of vinegar with antibacterial and antifungal properties [13].
Silica sol-gel precursor solution was prepared by the reaction of GPTMS and acetic acid (HAc) in equimolar ratio under stirring for 2 h.
In the reaction, the acetic acid works as a reagent and catalyst.