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KEYWORDS: Aflatoxin, Acetic acid, WBCsDC, Thymus, Harderian gland.
The present study determines the influence of acetic acid against aflatoxin through many parameters include body weight, WBCsDC, H/L ratio and histopathology.
8ppm) and treated with acetic acid (concentration 1.
Hummus with GDL, or GDL and acetic acid, had no significantly different microbial counts among the preservative treatments.
In experiment III, acetic acid solution was injected into the ceca.
The conversion of acetic acid into methane in the ceca
coli O157:H7 cells from an overnight culture, washed them with sterilized peptone water and inoculated them into lactic acid or acetic acid at about 106 CFU per ml.
1% acetic acid, the cells became VBNC on the second day and maintained this state up to day 14.
Both nano HA samples, prepared with acetic acid and carbonic acid, appeared amorphous in XRD (Figs.