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a salt or ester of acetic acid

a fabric made from fibers of cellulose acetate

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Taking advantage of the above-mentioned characteristics of acetates, a mixture of two (or more) acetates can also be processed (i.e., freeze-dry and thermally treated) to form a nanometric ceramics, stoichiometric composition or, optionally, cations of a metal in solid solution in the host matrix of another metal [4].
The crystalline structure of the as-received and freeze-dried acetates was determined by XRD, in a Shimadzu diffractometer (XRD-6000) at room temperature and working in the conventional geometry (i.
Besides dextran, dextran acetates are also of great commercial interest due to broad spectrum of applications in pharmaceutics and biomedical fields [3-5].
In spite of utmost importance of the thermogravimetric (TG) behavior of dextran and dextran acetates, there have been few reports on dextran-coated materials [10] where only TG curves were shown.
For understated detailing, the optical frame 'Emma' offers subtle, rim-wire styling with quilting-inspired, beveled temples, complemented by handcrafted, gloss acetate temple tips.
1 coating clay, fine GCC, and a limited amount of plastic pigment with an acetate or acrylic latex binder system.
* Use of styrene acrylate latex to replace acetate and acrylic latex without sacrificing gluability.
To study the effect of extruder screw rpm on properties, we used the plasticized cellulosic acetates fabricated through extrusion followed by injection molding processing for comparison.
Thermal and Thermo-Mechanical Behaviors of Plasticized Cellulose Acetates. The plasticized cellulose acetates fabricated through extrusion followed by compression moldings were studied via thermal analysis.
Criteria for a recommended standard: occupational exposure to ethylene glycol monomethyl ether, ethylene glycol monoethyl ether, and their acetates. Cincinnati: US Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, CDC, 1991; DHHS publication no.
The bold white acetate features intricate feather detailing and incorporates a triangular cut-away design which is further enhanced with inlaid Swarovski crystals.
Sipchem, which already produces the other acetic acid feedstock needed to make ethyl acetate, will spend SR 400 million ($107 million) to build the plant.
This material is said to be an effective extender for epoxies, a secondary plasticizer for PVC, and an excellent compatibilizer for PVC/vinyl acetate combinations.
Examples are n-butylstearate, butoxyethyl steararte, and glycerol mono-oleate, all of which are compatible with PS; diethylene glycol distearate, isopropyl myristate, and isopropyl palmitate, which are generally compatible with cellulose nitrate and ethyl cellulose; oleic and lauric acid esters, compatible with PVC; and PEG400 dilaurate, which may be used with PVC and PVC/vinyl acetate copolymers.
Grades 9-88, 50 and 2-45 are used extensively in polyvinyl acetate homopolymer and copolymer emulsion adhesives, as well as acrylic and vinyl-based caulks and sealants.