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Synonyms for acetate

a salt or ester of acetic acid

a fabric made from fibers of cellulose acetate

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Fluid losses were compensated by an infusion of 30 ml/kg acetated Ringer's solution during the first hour of preparation, followed by a continuous infusion of 2.5% glucose-electrolyte solution (8 ml?kg[sup]−1?h[sup]−1 ) and acetated Ringer's solution (20 ml?kg[sup]−1?h[sup]−1 ).
In this work, cellulose acetated (CA) nanofibers loaded with naproxen were prepared by electrospinning with positive and reversed emitting electrodes setups.
For the for 48 h 0.25 mg lead acetated exposure led the larvae to develop into 7 mm long adults with folded legs and transparent wings with reduced venation.
Before induction of the spinal block, 500 ml of acetated Ringer's solution was infused.
The intravenous fluid volume given since the induction of anaesthesia had been 1,900 ml of acetated Ringer's solution.