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any organic compound formed by adding alcohol molecules to aldehyde molecules

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"We were able to detect these acetals bothin 'Creme Brulee' e-liquid as well as in the generated from it," Hanno Erythropel, lead study author and an associate research scientist at the university, said in a ( press release .A
An experiment in which polychloroprene and a cyclic acetal, both dissolved carbon tetrachloride, were exposed to ozone showed that the double bonds of the elastomer were not attacked before approximately 90% of the double bonds of the antiozonant had reacted (figure 1) (ref.
The objective of this study was to determine the feasibility of transforming poly(vinyl acetate) to poly(vinyl acetals) in solvent-free conditions and also during use of supercritical C[O.sub.2] as a processing aid.
Aardalloy 3326 is a high-viscosity homopolymer acetal alloyed with higher levels of elastomers and modifiers than 3300.
Since acetals are highly crystalline, they must be heated above their melting point to be processed.
Delrin 500MP acetal is offered as an economical material choice for parts requiring low wear, friction, and squeak.
Aartel acetal copolymers include general-purpose, impact-modified, and antimicrobial grades.
Other new Delrin acetal resins make possible the injection molding of flat shapes and large parts without the warp problems associated with standard acetals.
Celcon acetal performance in automotive fuels was recently illustrated in a series of 5000-hr comparison tests.
Dry color, color concentrates and compounds for PE, PS, PP, ABS, SAN, PC, nylons, NAS, K-Resin, acrylics, urethanes, butyrate and acetals. Serves display, pharmaceutical, medical, housewares and cosmetics industries.
Introducing wear-resistant Delrin acetals (100TL and 500MP) and Zytel HTN high-temperature nylons (WRF51MP20 and WRF51K20).
Also, a full slate of new engineering resins at K 2004 are weighted toward nylons, acetals, polyesters, and TPEs tailored for improved processability, aesthetics, and specialized functional properties.
101); polyethersulfone sulfone (PESS), a novel high-temperature resin from Gharda Chemicals of India; decorationfriendly and warp-resistant acetals from DuPont Engineered Plastics, and electrically and thermally conductive compounds from PolyOne.
Interstab G-8257 internal/external lubricant for rigid and semi-rigid PVC, ABS, PS, acetals, and polyolefins.