Acer saccharum

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maple of eastern and central North America having three-lobed to five-lobed leaves and hard close-grained wood much used for cabinet work especially the curly-grained form

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Plot number 1 2 3 4 Forested in 1941 yes yes yes yes Topography upland upland upland stream Slope/aspect 5/190 5/250 2/40 varied Acer negundo Acer rubrum Acer saccharum 34.
The six most important species, based on RIV (in descending order), were Fagus grandifolia, Acer saccharum, Prunus serotina, Fraxinus americana, Carya cordiformis and Quercus rubra.
Candelaria concolor (Dickson) Stein Common on a variety of substrates including a fiberglass boat frame, cloth, painted aluminum fencing (#2080), weathered concrete, granite and wood, and on the limbs and trunks of several species of trees including Acer saccharum (#980), Juglans nigra (#1031), Quercus alba (#1008) and Ulmus rubra (#994).
Oak forests are considered to be an early-to-mid stage of succession, with the next stage composed of more shade-tolerant but fire-intolerant trees such as Acer saccharum (Abram 1992).
Sapp"--The canopy was closed and dominated by Acer saccharum, Carya ovata, and Fraxinus americana; the understory included six species of myrmecochorous plants, and the density of myrmecochores was high
The Black Hand sandstone cliffs that dominate Deep Woods create environmental and soil conditions that encourage the growth of the following dominant tree species: Liriodendron tulipifera, Acer saccharum, and Betula alleghaniensis (Table 3).
Relative Relative Species density frequency Sugar maple Acer saccharum Marsh 31.
Comparisons of tree species abundance, distribution, and dominance as a function of sampling date and tree age class are discussed with regard to forest recovery from disturbance during the past 11 years, with emphasis upon the increasing importance of Acer saccharum.
COMMON NAME Sugar maple SCIENTIFIC NAME Acer saccharum LOCATION Norwich, CT NOMINATORS William Linke & Glenn Dreyer OWNER CT Dept.
Diameter classes (cm) Species 10-19 20-29 Sugar Maple/Oak/Hickory Forest Acer saccharum 76.
Acer saccharum, the dominant species, is also known as hard, rock or sugar maple.
This federal wildlife refuge hosts a herd of about 800 buffalo, plus healthy populations of elk, deer, coyotes, collared lizards-and sugar maples, Acer saccharum, the same tree that gives its sweet sap for syrup in cool Vermont.
Acer saccharum has the highest overstory density, understory density, and total basal area of any species in all but the most poorly drained areas.