Acer negundo

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common shade tree of eastern and central United States

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Acer negundo is an early successional species that does not tolerate severe floods.
For example, Populus deltoides (cottonwood), Salix nigra (black willow), and Acer negundo (box elder) are early succession, pioneer species that develop on barren alluvial substrates (Rood et al.
Older growth Floodplain forest forest Species BA Density RIV BA Density RIV Acer negundo 0.
americana (20), Populus deltoides (18), Acer negundo and Quercus macrocarpa (15).
Other commercially significant species included in the soft maple category are Acer saccharinum (silver maple), Acer negundo, (Manitoba maple) and Acer macrophyllum (Oregon maple, Pacific maple and big leaf maple).
Hydric floodplain (N = 7) RIV ([double Species Name DEN * BA ** FRQ *** dagger]) Acer negundo 5.
Celtis laevigata, Carya illinoensis, Acer negundo, Juglans nigra, Ulmus americana, and Sapindus saponaria are important components.
Tree Species/ Lichen Species Substrate Amandinea Amandinea dakotensis punctata Acer negundo Acer platanoides Acer saccharinum X Acer saccharum Betula papyrifera Carya ovata Catalpa speciosa Celtis occidentalis Crataegus crus-galli Crataegus mollis Fagus species Fraxinus americana Fraxinus quadrangulata Fraxinus pennsylvanica var.
Number of stems Species Dry Floodplain Upland Acer saccharum 85 1 Ulmus americana 1 Fraxinus quadrangulata 23 Aesculus glabra 3 2 Fraxinus americana 8 Prunus serotina 10 Lonicera mackii Carya cordiformis 1 Ulmus rubra Crataegus punctata 2 Cornus drummondii 2 Viburnum prunifolium 6 Celtis occidentalis 4 1 Ostrya virginiana 4 Fagus grandifolia 2 2 Asimina triloba 4 Lindera benzoin 4 Sumbucus canadensis 4 Crataegus mollis Acer negundo Cercis canadensis Eleagnus umbellata Quercus muhlenbergii Sassafras albidum Vitis spp.
oak) trees combined or Acer saccharinum (silver maple), Acer negundo (box elder) and Fraxinus pennsylvanica (green ash) trees combined was greater than 100.
Except for oaks, most remaining species were well represented in lower diameter classes, particularly Acer negundo (box elder), sugarberry, and pawpaw.
North Woods Species Frequency [1] Basal Area [2] Density [3] Acer negundo 0.