Acer campestre

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shrubby Eurasian maple often used as a hedge

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are shown (n = 100) H dbh m cm Acer campestre 10 [+ or -] 5 14 [+ or -] 5 Corylus avellana 5 [+ or -] 2 10 [+ or -] 4 Crataegus monogyna 6 [+ or -] 2 11 [+ or -] 4 Popolus alba 32 [+ or -] 4 67 [+ or -] 19 Popolus nigra 38 [+ or -] 8 106 [+ or -] 24 Prunus padus 11 [+ or -] 8 16 [+ or -] 7 Quercus robur 31 [+ or -] 8 73 [+ or -] 22 Robinia pseudoacacia 18 [+ or -] 6 25 [+ or -] 8 Ulmus minor 12 [+ or -] 4 17 [+ or -] 7 TABLE 2 Plant regeneration (saplings [ha.sup.-1]) in the forest interior and in the forest boundary.
Masarnen fach (Acer campestre - Field Maple), ac ar y dde ei dail hydrefol
Acer campestre Schwerinii is an upright form with purple young foliage and red-winged fruit and may be more suited to our gardens than the wild species.
A field maple known as acer campestre Queen Elizabeth is available from High Farm Nurseries at Stoke-on-Trent and Chew Valley Trees near Bristol.
Browse listing Hedge maple - Acer campestre Hackberry - Celtis occidentalis Grapevine - Vitis spp.
Particularly good small garden trees to search out include many sorbus species, malus tschonoskii, acer griseum, amelanchier lamarckii, prunus sargentii and in hedges, good colour can be provided by the field maple, (acer campestre) beech, (fagus sylvatica) and our native hawthorn (crataegus monogyna) - in fact, a mixed hedge with all three species in can make a stunning impact on the autumn garden until the leaves of the maple and the hawthorn fall to the ground to help recycle the nutrients for next year's growth.
I've been doing my bit this week by planting some Sorbus aucuparia (mountain ash), Acer campestre (field maple), and Salix alba (white willow).
Acer campestre ( the Field Maple (although the Japanese Maples are spectacular in their autumn clothing, one of our British native hedgerow trees gives a wonderful splash of buttercup yellow for about two weeks in mid-October.
My own choice would be a mixed hedge, using two-year-old whips (young bare-rooted plants) that most good garden centres will sell at this time of year, of species such as field maple (Acer campestre), beech (Fagus sylvatica), hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), and holly (Ilex aquifolium).