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lacking a head or a clearly defined head

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INTRODUCTION: Acardiac Acephalic twin occurs as a rare phenomenon in monochorionic pregnancies with an incidence of one in 35,000 births.
Dystocia due to holo acardius acephalic (asymmetric tein) monster in a buffalo.
This impossible ecstasy or ecstasy of the impossible is a catastrophe for the proper "I." And relevantly, Gertrude's most characteristic attribute, pinpointed by Barker, is her being "tragic" or "catastrophic." (25) As such we can affirm that "Me" is the catastrophe-stricken and acephalic "I." The other notable point about "me" is its both highly singular and yet neutral status; "me" reflects the intense almost indistinguishable proximity reached by both persons while tenuously retaining their individuality.
Thus, Lacan in The Ego in Freud's Theory takes Freud's original formulation, where the unconscious is an "acephalic subject ...
The article deals with the territorial changes in the last 25 years of an isolated territory with ah acephalic structure of small cities that receives two HSR stations: the province of Ciudad Real in Spain.
And, in fact, on a far wall hung a headless Christ on the cross (made of cement and bronze), an acephalic apparition that condensed the beheaded hostages in Iraq of the time with the figure of America as Jesus the sacrificial victim turned righteous aggressor, the one who kills in order to redeem.
A thought that comes from something that is headless ("acephalic") is a thought that engages thinking--something that not all thoughts do.