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a cemetery for unknown or indigent people

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Of the 23rd, "not so many as one in four survived": And this, then, was the regiment--a regiment already for some hours known to myself and all London as stretched, by a large majority, upon one bloody aceldama [Acts 1.19, "field of blood"]--in which the young trooper served whose mother was now talking with myself in a spirit of such hopeful enthusiasm.
Su mas reciente libro es Fabulas, del crepusculo (Ficticia, 2003), donde el punto de encuentro de todos los personajes sera la fantastica ciudad de Aceldama.
El pueblo del santo patrono del tres en uno --o San Miguel Arcangel: del Milagro y del Espejo-- es y ha sido siempre capo de Aceldama. De sangre.
Christian Secondary Use of Jewish Burial Caves in Jerusalem in the Light of New Excavations at the Aceldama Tombs.
Her plays are In the Fields of Aceldama and the children's play The Girl Who Fell Through a Hole in Her Sweater (co-written with Bruce McLeod), both produced by the London New Play Festival; The War Boys, produced at London's Finborough Theater; In the Heart of America; and her most recent work, Slaughter City.