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Synonyms for journalist

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Kim Donahey stars as ace reporter Hildy Johnson, while Dan Pegoda plays wily editor Walter Burns and Donald Aday co-stars as Johnson's jilted fianc, Bruce Baldwin.
KEVIN MACDONALD'S STATE OF PLAY RESURRECTS the ace reporter in a political thriller that is a cross between All the President's Men and HBO'S The Wire.
This leads a news crew, led by ace reporter Tim Manfrey (Purcell) and his cameraman, Steven (Orlando Jones), deep into the wilds of Burundi.
It's up to ace reporter Dirk Bones to find out who.
Leading Long Wharf's journalistic rat pack are Chris Henry Coffey as escaping ace reporter Hildy Johnson, and Jeff McCarthy as editor Walter Burns, who will do anything to make Hildy stay at his Underwood.
Thrown into this mix are Joe's ex and feisty ace reporter Polly Perkins (Paltrow) who desperately wants the scoop on the story of the century and Jolie as British squadron leader Franky who gets to bark ridiculous lines such as: "Alert the amphibious squadron
Wilder's Ace In The Hole is definitely a better film about the newspaper industry, although Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau put in smart performances here as the ace reporter and the devilish editor.
An ace reporter with a knack for solving seemingly unsolvable riddles claims he's close to revealing journalism's greatest secret--the identity of Watergate's "Deep Throat.
Philip Trent, ace reporter, first appeared in 1913.
Baron Davis stars as an ace reporter trying to get to the answer of a simple question: How can he get his Warriors to the NBA Finals?
Harrisburg Register ace reporter, Travis DeNeal, points out that some residents feel like the fact that no one has been seriously hurt is a positive take-away.
But back to ace reporter Krishnan: "Just 700 people lucky enough to witness this moment in history.
3His 3 His Girl Friday (1940) CARY Grant comedy classic about a newspaper editor who will stop at nothing to stop his ex-wife and ace reporter from marrying.