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Synonyms for bandage

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Synonyms for bandage

to apply therapeutic materials to (a wound)


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Synonyms for bandage

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She didn't have an Ace bandage, so she took a woven scarf and wrapped it snugly around her dog.
I also do not use Ace bandages on these dogs as they can be restrictive to the dog's respiration.
The nurse went immediately to the resident's bedside and removed the immobilizer and ACE bandage. She discovered three fairly large blisters on the resident's left foot.
For more thorough kits, consider including a roll of gauze wrap, ace bandage, large gauze pads and triangular bandages.
He prescribed medication, told the patient to wear an ace bandage and use crutches, and ordered her to stay off her leg for three days.
She held it there for a minute and then let me fasten an ace bandage around her head to hold it in place.
Dressing changes at least daily and rewrapping of the Ace bandage should continue until the staples or sutures are removed three weeks post-operatively.
An Ace bandage or ankle brace, such as an air cast, can help the injury heal properly by preventing further strain.
Cold and flu medicine is also a necessity, and consider bringing a first aid kit with Band-aids, a three-inch Ace bandage, and skin disinfectant,
Wh en he was again examined by the orthopedic specialist and ordered to have more physical therapy and to wear an ace bandage, the medical director again contravened the recommendations, even though he had never examined the prisoner himself.
The author suggests using an Unna wrap, with progression to an Ace bandage, without any mention of more than a dozen excellent ankle braces now available and commonly used by family physicians and others interested in sports medicine.
"It's impossible to hold a bag of ice on your elbow with one hand, and wrap an ace bandage around it with the other," Thomas said.
Adam has to keep up the facade by using an Ace bandage to wrap his penis to his stomach, frequenting trans message boards, stating that he is of legal age to drink and being as much a part of the social scene as his sister.
Stopain topical pain relief products from Troy Healthcare LLC are being endorsed by NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Todd Peck, while 3M Co.'s Ace bandage brand is being endorsed by reality TV star and everyday athlete Ryan Sutter.
"The most important items are an ice pack and ace bandage," says Marijeanne Liederbach, Ph.D., director of research and education at New York's Harkness Center for Dance Injuries.