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treatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body

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I've been reading tarot cards for about five years," said Vicky, "and have studied other things such as crystal healing and accupressure.
Bear in mind these chiropractors have taken extensive training in these techniques, learning accupressure and other treatment methods.
Thai: A massage that releases muscle tension through stretches and accupressure.
It is the only therapeutic product that provides complete accupressure and stimulation of circulation.
Not only did it give my face a thorough clean, but the scalp and foot accupressure massage that followed left me feeling revitalised all over.
If I am allergic, the doctor performs accupressure up and down the spine (accupuncture can be done too).
For example, some organizations have been lured into phony stress management programs such as trampoline therapy and accupressure (Wang et al.
Edinburgh-based therapist Gary Flockhart has treated people with different degrees of social phobia using techniques such as hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and thought field therapy, which uses accupressure points in the body.
1999) (finding that product similar to electric gas grill igniter, marketed to relieve pain when applied to accupressure points, was "device" under FDCA); Martin v.
The elements vary in size and firmness, and are placed in a specific pattern in order to provide the correct stimulation and accupressure throughout the entire back.
1999) (finding that a product similar to an electric gas grill igniter, marketed to relieve pain when applied to accupressure points, was a "device" under the Act); Martin v.
Some people find that accupressure bands worn on the wrists are helpful in alleviating symptoms and ginger has been recommended as an alternative therapy
She is now working towards a qualification in seated accupressure massage, a traditional Japanese treatment that takes 15 to 20 minutes.
Some intravenous medications can be administered, as well as massage therapy and accupressure.
Holistic therapies can be split into two areas ( holistic medicine, such as Chinese herbal medicine and complementary therapies such as homeopathy, accupressure, aromatherapy, reflexoloy, reiki and acupuncture, to name but a few.