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a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes)

(computer science) a register that has a built-in adder that adds an input number to the contents of the register

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BorgWarner's Hydraulic Accumulator, Eco-Launch(TM) Solenoid Valve and Multi-Segment Wet Friction Plates Contribute to Improved Shift Feel and Fuel Economy
Procurement Electric Accumulators Used On Passenger Cars - Divided into 4 Groups: Lot 1- Electric Accumulators Used On Passenger Cars -6V 420Ah 2- Lot Electric Accumulators Used On Passenger Cars Storey 6V 420Ah 3- Lot Electric Accumulators Used Cars Calatori6v 385Ah 4- Lot -6V Gel Batteries 385Ah for Passenger Cars
Within the global oil & gas accumulator market, accumulators are used in drilling rigs as well as in Blow-Out Preventers (BOPs).
However, with increasing deep water drilling activities, the demand for piston type accumulators is also anticipated to increase in the coming years, on account of its high pressure handling capabilities.
Unlike less efficient hybrid systems that charge electric batteries - which only capture about a quarter of the braking power - accumulators can recycle 75 percent of the energy and make a vehicle 40 percent more fuel-efficient.
165 x 1p each-way eight-horse accumulators (stake PS3.
And the more selections you put in an accumulator the more likely it becomes that any mistakes a bookmaker has made will be cancelled out - and cancelled out many times over - by all the mistakes they have not made.
Although these accumulators have a simple structure, they are very massive, thus, sometimes may require a separate basement.
Abstract: The present describes the mathematical models necessary for the calculus and the simulation of hydraulic systems that use accumulators.
Legislation emanating from the European Commission is set to bring changes to the UK battery industry, the main one being a directive with the snappy title Batteries and Accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators, more commonly known as the Batteries Directive.
DW-series slow-speed shredders are equipped with anywhere from two to four accumulators on the comb, depending on the model, according to the Haslett, Mich.
A regenerative drive system based around a hydraulic pump/motor and a pair of accumulators.
Bookies stage winter jaunts in Barbados on the proceeds of desperate 15-leg accumulators.
Large parts being extrusion blow molded of MPR include well water pressure accumulators, chemical resistant tank liners, and flotation safety devices for pontoon boats.
com/research/dca09449/electric_accumulat) has announced the addition of the "Electric Accumulators - Global" report to their offering.