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Synonyms for accumulator

a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes)

(computer science) a register that has a built-in adder that adds an input number to the contents of the register

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Bocek believes that it has the potential to launch a revolution of accumulators for cars in the whole of Europe.
The unlikely jackpot included a 5p eight-fold accumulator that landed him PS203,969 when the last of his eight horses, Ascot day, won at Ffos Las at 14-1.
(5) Provided no manual action is taken to depressurize the secondary side, the accumulators will start injecting water slightly before or after the fuel experiences temperature excursion, depending on the break size.
The key players in the Oil and Gas Accumulators market include, Technetics, GE Oil & Gas, Bolenz & Schafer GMBH, Bosch Rexroth USA, Eaton Corporation, Parker Hannifin Corp., Eaton Corporation, Nippon Accumulator Co., Ltd., Hannon Hydraulics, Lic.
What would happen if instead of betting in singles they bet in doubles - if all of his customers combined two selections in an accumulator? The proportion of total stakes the bookmaker could expect to return would be 95 per cent multiplied by 95 per cent, which is 90 per cent.
The 12-employee Steelhead Composites is currently making accumulators for Lightning Hybrids, and recently expanded into battery accumulators.
Without using combustible fuels, how could we store energy so that a trip by car from Plymouth to Aberdeen can be made in a day, with only a couple of short stops for recharging the energy accumulator?
Auxiliary gas bottles are used for gas capacitance, in most cases in conjunction with hydraulic accumulators to extend functionality.
The contents of accumulators are not preserved by these subroutines.
Q How do I choose between bladder, diaphragm and piston accumulators?
NAC ISTA has a strong presence in the market with 40% of vehicles exported from here equipped with our accumulators.
New control software synchronizes filling and emptying of two accumulators on a two-sided industrial blow molder.