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the mathematical value toward which a function goes as the independent variable approaches infinity

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Let [[lambda].sup.*] be an arbitrary accumulation point of [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Also, as E has no accumulation point in D, we can assume that no point in E lies on the boundary [partial derivative]F.
Let [z.sup.*] = ([[mu].sub.*], [x.sup.*]) be an accumulation point of [{[z.sup.k]}.sub.k[member of]K].
A subset A of X is called I-sequentially countably compact if any infinite subset A has at least one I-sequentially accumulation point in A.
In addition, by (3.5) the sequence converges to the function f, analytic in {z : [absolute value of z] < [eta]} on the set {[q.sup.-m]} having an accumulation point in {z : [absolute value of z] < [eta]}.
(ii) x [member of] X is said to be an accumulation point of A if ([B.sub.(M,N)](x, r, t)\n{x}[intersection] A [not equal to] [empty set] for each r [member of] (0, 1) and t > 0.
All generators must have at least one, perhaps central, accumulation point, typically fed by one or more satellite accumulation points.
Then we show that the accumulation point of the ANIHT algorithm is the stationary point.
Every accumulation point of the vector sequence {[v.sub.k]}[member of]N generated by Algorithm 1 is contained in span{[z.sub.1], [z.sub.n]}, i.e., in the linear hull of the eigenvectors of A associated with its extremal eigenvalues.
The next task in finding the complete polar equation of the spiral is to find its accumulation point. This can be referred to as the point where the spiral begins.
To prove the existence of a finite number of accumulation points, we consider any accumulation point [X.sup.*].
This is a very nice and transparent result, as it shows that upon switching on the Coulomb interaction, from Z = 0 to Z > 0, we observe instead of infinitely discretely degenerate Landau levels, clusters of levels, each of which has an accumulation point precisely at the Landau level.
Arc Hydro tools were utilized to find out catchments and drainage accumulation points of Haro River at the upstream of Khanpur Dam.