stock dividend

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a dividend paid in stock rather than in cash

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The Media General executive said that since last summer, when Harbinger revealed it was accumulating shares in the company, "we have sought repeatedly to talk with Harbinger and learn what is on their mind.
Heinz has touted its own turnaround plan it says was in the works long before Mr Peltz and his partners began accumulating shares earlier this year.
For the last two decades, workers at large public companies have been accumulating shares of their employers' stock by purchasing shares in qualified plans.
They're hoarding cash, buying bonds, and accumulating shares of steady-growing companies with predictable profits.
Following that, I wrote a glowing report and suggested accumulating shares at the then current price of about $37.
Astute chairman had, after secretly accumulating shares bought a generation earlier by loyal fans and retained by ignorant widows, floated their clubs for enormous profit,' wrote Bower.
In his State of Tech report on semiconductor fabricators, McWilliams wrote: "I first suggested accumulating shares of TSMC in early 2005 when it was trading in the $7's.