stock dividend

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a dividend paid in stock rather than in cash

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"We think that for investors with a medium to long term perspective, this might be a good time for investors to slowly and selectively start digging their toes (accumulating shares) in the market," Mohindra said, adding "We won't recommend to be aggressive, but if investors focus on the right companies, they might be able to generate some decent returns in the long term."
Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC (DIB) has announced that after completing the first phase of accumulating shares in PT Bank Panin Syariah Tbk (Bank Panin Syariah), a listed Shari'ah commercial bank in Indonesia, the bank has now received formal approval from the Financial Services Authority, Indonesia (OJK) to increase its shareholding in Bank Panin Syariah as part of the overall investment strategy in Indonesia.
Has the company's CEO, CFO, CIO, etc., been accumulating shares or selling?
According to market sources affiliates of management are accumulating shares in order to sell back during the buyout.
AN EXPERIENCED fund manager, born the year of the dragon and who once headed a top government financial agency some two presidents ago, was noticed to have been accumulating shares of an energy company that recently went public.