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The first is the accumulated benefit obligation, which is the present value of pension benefits owed to the plan participants based on current salary and service levels.
Certain terms used in this Statement, such as projected benefit obligation, (3) accumulated benefit obligation, accumulated postretirement benefit obligation, and net pension cost, are defined in Statements 87 and 106.
In addition, the accumulated benefit obligation exceeded the accrued pension liability in the second year shown for the employer's nonqualified pension plan.
In addition, bond proceeds will partially fund $34 million of the hospital's unfunded accumulated benefit obligation of $43.
The payment, while not required this year, represents all of the unfunded portion of the year-end 2003 accumulated benefit obligation for Unocal's U.
Beginning in 1989, Statement 87 is requiring companies with plans in which the accumulated benefit obligation (ABO) exceeds the sum of pension assets and unfunded accrued pension cost to show additional balance sheet liabilities to account for the deficit.
If a plan has an unfunded accumulated benefit obligation as of the most recent measurement date, say December 31, 1988, calculating that amount is the first step in computing the pension liability that must be recognized on the employer's balance sheet at March 31, 1989.
At December 31, 2001, the Company's defined benefit pension plan's (the "Plan") assets exceeded the Plan's accumulated benefit obligation and as such, was considered over-funded for financial reporting purposes.
2 million of funding for June 30, 2007; bringing the funded status on an accumulated benefit obligation (ABO) basis to 77% and 90% respectively.
Due primarily to the decline in stock market performance and interest rates during 2001, the accumulated benefit obligation exceeded plan assets by $3.
A key provision forces companies to expense their Pension Benefit Obligation (PBO), a statistical projection based on actuarial assumptions, rather than their existing pension liabilities, as represented by the Accumulated Benefit Obligation (ABO).