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Synonyms for accrual

the act of accumulating

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Acxiom didn't say how much of the restatement was due to improperly accrued revenue and how much to misclassification of deferred costs.
Reduction in revenue related to accrued revenue restatement to previous quarters of $5.
In India, the in-vitro segment of the industry accrued revenues of USD 463.
Having accrued revenues of PS2m in its first year, Goodfellows is now poised to grow the workforce to meet the increasing demands from clients, and brand awareness is also set to soar through a planned TV project.
In theory, an entity's operating cash flows should correspond to its accrued revenues and expenses within one operating cycle before or after accrual.
com/ ), Southeast Asian Solid Waste Recycling Markets, reveals that the market accrued revenues of $155.
com), North American Power Quality Test and Measurement Equipment Market, reveals that this market accrued revenues worth $274.
High Acuity Care Information Systems Markets, reveals that the market accrued revenues of $549.
Arthritis Therapies Markets, which reveals that the combination arthritis therapies market accrued revenues of $7.