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the act of accumulating

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It said once the restrictions of section 267 applied to an accrued expense, they continued to apply until the expense was paid.
Under FASB Statement 96, Accounting for Income Taxes, the excess of the accrued expense over the deductible benefit payments would be a "temporary" difference.
Following the transaction, the company has approximately USD120,000 in cash on its balance sheet net of accrued expenses.
This figure included several adjustments and the reversal of certain accrued expenses recorded in prior quarters.
The company said the large positive increase in net income for the Q2 2015 is primarily attributable to a one-time adjustment in accounts payable and accrued expenses due to PharmaStem's patent and royalty claims being declared void under a final decision on appeal.
Bankrate said the investigation is examining three accruals of revenue totaling approximately USD 781,000 in the aggregate and two adjustments to reduce accrued expenses totaling approximately USD 850,000 in the aggregate.
Mexican entrepreneur Juan Payan and his wife, Martha, arrived in Houston nearly three months ago and have accrued expenses of about $300,000 to make sure they have the best Houston has to provide.
941 Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities: Accounts payable $ 562 $ 463 Accrued expenses 1.
While the correction of walnut cost accounted for the majority of the difference (reductions of 101% in 2011 and 117% in 2010), there were other corrections as well, including previously unrecognized and unrecorded accounts payable and accrued expenses, such as advertising, and other corrections related to stock-based compensation, foreign currency translation, timing of prepaid and expense recognition, capital lease designation, and deferred income tax.
CMA Terminals will pay US$25,000 in cash plus payment of 25 percent of LICTSLE's total debts and accrued expenses.
In an email sent to members, no purchase price was mentioned, but the sales agreement called for Remillard to assume the club's outstanding obligations, including all bank debt, accounts payable, and other accrued expenses.