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the act of accumulating

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* Accrual accounting for under-65 health care benefits for uniformed personnel: Beginning in FY2004, the Administration is also proposing to finance health care benefits for under-65 military retirees on an accrual basis, in which, again, DOD would pay into a trust fund the cost of future benefits for current employees and would receive reimbursement from the fund for costs of under-65 retiree health care that it provides.
If these businesses must convert to accrual accounting, it will surely be a big issue for them.
Under accrual accounting, benefits would be counted when they are earned by workers rather than when they are paid out.
Accrual accounting was developed to provide a better matching of revenues and expenses and, therefore, a better gauge of period-specific profitability.
Numerous studies show that financial ratios based on accrual accounting data possess significant ability to predict bankruptcy (Altman and Spivack, 1983; Beaver, 1966, 1968; Libby, 1975; Ohlson, 1980).
Governments that don't use accrual accounting can find themselves swamped by debt.
Adopt accrual accounting to better take stock of federal government's assets and improve the asset-liability management framework that would identify mismatches and risk.
The seven contributions that make up the main body of the text are devoted to public sector accounting, accountability, and auditing in emerging economies; the new public financial management and accrual accounting in Sri Lanka; accounting practices in Tanzanian local government authorities, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
To this end, Deloitte professionals are focusing their efforts in advising and working hand-in-hand with public sector clients in the adoption of accrual accounting IPSAS.
Under GASB, most routine transactions that mirror those found in the private sector (i.e., running a parking garage) generally follow accrual accounting principles.
Secondly, the organizational structure of the federal administration has been modified by the Copernicus reform ([much less than] Copernicus-Au centre de l'avenir: La reforme de l'Administration federale beige [much greater than], ler septembre 2004), which constitutes an opportunity to implement accrual accounting in all federal departments.
The IRS has a long-standing bias toward accrual accounting, and until 2002, required all businesses with revenues in excess of $5,000,000 to use it.
That is, a receivable would be recognized as soon as all eligibility requirements had been met, and revenue would be recognized at that same time (i.e., accrual accounting) or as soon thereafter as it became "available" to finance expenditures of the current period (i.e., modified accrual accounting).
His Excellency Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of the Department of Finance, said, "DoF is currently implementing a range of major financial management reforms in the Dubai Government - developing fiscal strategy for Dubai, adopting program-based performance budgeting, and transitioning to accrual accounting across government entities.