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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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But he was devastated when he realised he had missed out on a Rock Radio contest to meet the band at an exclusive accoustic performance.
But it's not all slashy guitars - song Walk Through Houses begins with a soft accoustic intro before the rock really kicks in.
There are three other stages given over to new bands, accoustic performers and one reserved for more experimental musicians.
For those models using an accoustic cabinet, overall cabinet size is the same for all models at 425x695x795mm (WxDxH) and a weight of around 90Kg.
Most of the highlights came during Harper's stripped-down, emotionally-charged accoustic set.
The diesel has excellent low range torque and the clatter is muffled by a raft of sound deadening measures which include an accoustic, or extra laminated, windscreen on higher spec models.
Whenever Canadian legend Neil Young swaps his accoustic guitar for an electric one to rock out, he also needs a band, and Crazy Horse is it.
The Middlesex-based company, which has a factory in Rugeley, manufactures the systems which are accoustic sensors called sonobuoys.
Others are John Polese on trumpet and flugelhorn, Paul Biondi on reeds and flute, Bryce Peltier on trombone, John Polese on trumpet, Josh Britton on accoustic bass and Dave Burrow on drums.
Equipment to be furnished by Thales comprises radar and accoustic and communication systems.
This new CD from Putumayo World Music is a collection of accoustic music from some of the world's most beautiful places .
He said: "It's a melodic, accoustic style of music, which we feel sets us apart from other bands on the scene at the moment.
We decided the best solution was to install an accoustic curtain.
Products investigated include milking inflations, conveyors, seals, tubing, vibration mountings, accoustic dampers, inner tubes, shoe soles and adhesives.
When you decide where to put your piano, there are accoustic considerations as well as questions of temperature.