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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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Key to landing a factoring deal is the age of the accounts receivables.
SAM replaces the slow, unstructured process with a dynamic ASP (application service provider) solution that helps reduce denials, payer excuses, bad debt and days in accounts receivable.
This enables the electronic payment to flow seamlessly between the buyer's cash management system to the seller's accounts receivable system, all without human intervention.
MiniSoft is a global leader in revenue enhancement, accounts receivable and collection software solutions in the professional services market.
The SLD has also stated that there is no problem with the Company's accounts receivables other than the SLD's administrative backlog which the SLD has stated has been the sole reason for the delayed payments.
Carrier Guarantee is an accounts receivable agreement between the interexchange carrier and DCA Services whereby the interexchange carrier recommends that distressed or credit-challenged resellers utilize DCA to provide billing and back office support or face being cut off.
The service -- called ediFN -- offers businesses easy access to accounts receivable financing from $5,000 to $3-plus million, and is available to any small business that wishes to take advantage of the program.
Each of our divisions is exploring lucrative opportunities within their respective specialties, but accounts receivables management is still our core business," said Evan R.
We find that many businesses are ready for a more comprehensive approach to accounts receivables management," said Chris Little, vice president and general manager of GE Business Credit Services.
The new inventory backed credit facility and accounts receivables program will allow Equistar greater flexibility through poor business conditions.
a provider of powerful and rapidly deployable business intelligence applications, today announced that it is expanding its QlikStart(TM) fixed-price software and services program to include both sales performance and a new accounts receivables analytics application.
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