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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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Most current assets for a company include cash and equivalents, accounts receivable and inventory.
Dino cited a COA report submitted to the SBMA board of directors in June 2015 that called attention to more than P4 billion marked as 'accounts receivable' which the previous SBMA administration declared in its 2015 financial statement.
On January 1, 2015, the accounts receivable totaled to 322.2 million som ($5.2 million), on January 1, 2014 - to 596.5 million som ($9.7 million).
is a leading provider of technology-enabled business process outsourcing and accounts receivable management solutions.
Moreover, when inventories are sold on credit, they get converted into accounts receivable. The close interaction among these components implies that the optimal policy for one component cannot be determined without the simultaneous consideration of other component.
Traditional lines of credit are typically secured by "soft" collateral like accounts receivable and inventory.
A Financial Times analysis revealed that 66 percent of listed Chinese companies that have reported third-quarter results showed a year-on-year increase in such unpaid bills, called accounts receivable in accounting, as a proportion of sales, according to the S andP Capital IQ database.
At the end of each year, the finance company owned substantial accounts receivable due from the dealership.
The new credit facility is secured by the company's cash, accounts receivable and inventory and is guaranteed by substantially all of the company's domestic subsidiaries.
In 2003, the GFOA Executive Board approved a recommended practice entitled "Revenue Policy: Accounts Receivable Controls." This recommended practice was initiated by the Committee on Cash Management to underscore the importance of written policies and procedures for managing accounts receivable.
Kodak's inventory turns are about 4.2 times per year and its accounts receivables run at about 75 DSO.
Five creative forms of alternative financing include "factoring," or selling accounts receivables for up-front cash; finding an "angel investor" (a wealthy investor); obtaining loans or credit from suppliers; seeking loans from venture capital firms that cater to small businesses; and joining a susu, where you pool money with friends and family.
It generates leases and everything is tied into the accounts receivables.
There was, however, evidence that Security conducted its own independent examination of Top Brass's books in order to assess its accounts receivables before extending credit.
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