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Not only can the supplies themselves be packaged together and tagged for the patient at the distributor, but bridging the ordering and accounts receivable software means the charges can be added automatically to the patient's account.
For its clinical and accounts receivable software, GSS has selected the Health Care Software (HCS) INTERACTANT programs, which have been designed for use on a high-speed server from IBM (the eServer iSeries, for the technologically literate, which has a reputation for being virtually virus-proof).
Previously the program only provided the price in the shipping paper and was integrated with our accounts receivable software. Adding a shipping table enabled the order entry program to automatically calculate a handling charge for each order and for each item by product number.
Our company continued to bill its owners with a preprinted, multi-part bill generated by our accounts receivable software. The bill contained a receipt for the owner and a payment coupon coded with information identifying the property and the account number for the bank.
Payroll and accounts receivable software run on an IBM 36 headquarters minicomputer, while scanner support, direct store delivery and warehouse management programs, one of which tracks items at the chain's 140,000-square-foot distribution center, run on an Altos 586 super micro.
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