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Sheng Ye Capital has positioned itself as a specialised enterprise financial services provider offering accounts receivable financing and other related solutions to the energy, construction and medical sectors in the PRC.
'The net increase in loan demand of firms was largely attributed by banks to higher requirements of borrower firms for working capital and accounts receivable financing,' BSP said.
"We provide working capital solutions to transportation and non-transportation companies in all stages of the business life cycle, during all economic conditions, through accounts receivable financing, lines of credit, equipment loans and asset-based loans.
Accounts Receivable Financing This financing toot, also called factoring, works with small businesses getting invoices paid in just a few days (versus the typical 30-60 days) and using the capital for operations and accounts payable and to fund growth.
Cash and liquidity are in great demand and that is why products such as accounts receivable financing have become more appealing.
In October, a company filing showed that ThinkEngine had a deficit of approximately $16.2 million, a working capital deficit of $1.4 million and a cash balance of $200,000, with limited available borrowings under its accounts receivable financing.
The accounts receivable financing program sells an interest in certain receivables of G-P's domestic business to banks and other entities.
There are two primary types of asset-based lending: factoring and accounts receivable financing. With factoring, companies "sell" their outstanding receivables to the finance company at a discount--usually between 2-5 percent.
Business Manager offers customers an alternative to the bank's regular accounts receivable financing, she said.
In a statement last week, the management said proceeds "will initially be used to pay borrowings under the company's outstanding revolving credit facility and accounts receivable financing program."
Some of the non-conventional financing methods are conditional sale/purchase, sale lease-back, accounts receivable financing, inventory financing and factoring.
Additional methods of financing include leasing, letters of credit, accounts receivable financing, factoring, inventory financing and trade credit.
HONG KONG, Mar 11, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Sheng Ye Capital Limited ("Sheng Ye Capital" or the "Group"; Stock code: 8469), a specialized enterprise financial services provider offering accounts receivable financing and other related solutions mainly in the energy, construction and medical sectors in China, has announced its annual results for the year ended 31 December 2018 ("FY2018").
Additionally, the Company operates various non-bank business units, including one of the largest commercial insurance premium finance companies operating in the United States and Canada, a company providing short-term accounts receivable financing and value-added out-sourced administrative services to the temporary staffing services industry, a business unit engaging primarily in the origination and purchase of residential mortgages for sale into the secondary market throughout the United States, and companies providing wealth management services.
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