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the occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business

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Much of what we do at IMA supports moving the accounting profession forward, whether by certification, skills, or overall inclusion, and this marks an important partnership for our organization.
Discussions focused on a wide range of issues such as the lack of Qatari auditors and national accounting firms, the application of accounting standards, the necessity to amend the laws that are related to the accounting profession, and the procedures to develop the accounting profession in Qatar, among many others.
In a research series focused on expected changes in the accounting profession in 2020, Intuit noted that competition in the industry will intensify as new entrants, outsourcing, and automation displace accounting professionals--especially for routine and lower-value services ("Intuit 2020 Report: Future of the Accounting Profession," Intuit 2020 Research Series, 2011, http://http-download.
It establishes a framework for the two bodies to work together, sharing knowledge and expertise in order to further the development of the UAE's accounting profession.
We've created a comprehensive 'professional ecosystem' for those in and around the accounting profession and are excited to see the site come to life.
The AICPA named fraud prevention a top agenda concern for the accounting profession.
The Sarbanes-Oxley legislation passed in 2002 in reaction to the headline-grabbing finance scandals has increased the attention on the accounting profession.
In 1969 the AICPA passed a resolution to integrate the profession, establishing the Minority Initiatives Committee (MIC) to help minorities become CPAs and encourage their advancement and retention within the accounting profession.
The reforms have highlighted staffing and experience shortages in the accounting profession, prompting companies to step up their recruiting efforts and offer more competitive compensation and benefits packages.
If Edward Nusbaum's column, "The Hidden Benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley" (May 2003), reflects a prevailing view, the accounting profession is significantly out of touch with the realities faced by small- to mid-cap companies.
The accounting profession will recover from the current negative press, but it will be almost impossible to remain the "most trusted adviser" if we cannot convince the "brightest and best" students to enter the profession.
Helping to develop the accounting profession in emerging countries is a responsibility that the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia takes to heart--and during the past year has taken to Nepal.
For mutual insurance companies, there may be no share holders, but there are policyholders, regulators, reinsurers, creditors and others who may rely on the mutual companies' financial statements certified by a member of the accounting profession.
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