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Synonyms for valuation

Synonyms for valuation

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness, or importance

Synonyms for valuation

assessed price

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As a starting point, employers and their auditors should obtain the plan's audited financial statements, the accounting valuation report used to measure the pension amounts (including the actuarial certification), and the GASB Statement No.
The second, liquidation and accounting valuation, is built around valuing the existing assets of a firm, with accounting estimates of value or book value often used as a starting point.
Accounting Valuation, Market Expectations, and Cross-Sectional Stock Returns.
One of the other interesting sidelights of the purchase accounting valuation is that it will also identify the corporate owner and the physical location of the intangible assets.
Accounting valuation, market expectation, and cross-sectional stock returns.
Traditional accounting valuation procedures, by contrast, are too arbitrary in their original form to be meaningful to any potential buyer, since the value of the "goodwill" added to the book value of the assets to arrive at a valuation is indeterminate.
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