generally accepted accounting principles

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a collection of rules and procedures and conventions that define accepted accounting practice

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'It is wrong for financial accountants to regulate the preparation of corporate financial accounts, perform the audit and at the same time conduct the forensic and investigative audit of corrupt and fraudulent accounting practices thereof.
The President ICAP emphasized the important role of the ICAP and AGP in country's auditing and accounting landscape and the need for further collaboration and use of each other's experiences and human resources for the betterment of public sector accounting practices and standards.
'Qualified opinion,' in auditing parlance, means there is a need to strengthen the city's accounting practices.
It is of course cheaper and it is alleged that the history of separate development of accounting practices for government has not been successful.
changes have been implemented following a thorough review of accounting practices and procedures from independent, third-party consultants and industry experts," the hospital said in a statement.
“2015 Updated Essential Accounting Practices for Federal Contractors” aims to impart valuable insight and competencies in the requirements and implementation of an Approved Accounting System, types of contracts and the risks and rewards of each, requirements of Cost Accounting Systems (CAS), understanding FAR 31 distinctions, requirements for written policies procedures, what to expect in audits and floor checks, metrics for key performance indicators, and the current actions in the federal marketplace.
There has been a lot of research on the adoption, practice, change, innovation and contribution of management accounting practices, but academics have yet to discuss the paradigm shift and the development of value creation and management accounting.
Management accounting practices are generally regarded as important controlling tools in providing managers with financial and nonfinancial information to help them make better business decisions and maintain effective control over corporate resources.
where [gamma][phi] represents the feasibility of a global capital market; [Acc[P.sub.R1] represents the compatibility degree between accounting practices and the first set of considered accounting regulations; Acc[P.sub.R2], represents the compatibility degree between accounting practices and the second set of considered accounting regulations; and Acc[S.sub.R1/R2] the level of similitude between the two sets of considered accounting regulations.
A failure to have good, sound accounting practices in place, for example, may lead to poor reporting practices.
According to Reuters, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc (NYSE: GS) and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) are planning to reduce their use of mark-to-market accounting practices.
Reports of "problematic" accounting practices at state-controlled entities, many earmarked for restructuring and privatization, followed opposition criticism that lack of accountability had bred corruption and other malpractices in the operations of Cuba's biggest employer, the state.
The auditors have established three types of violations - suspicious accounting practices in reporting expenses, unsuitable expenses, especially for consulting services, and export of services, according to the DKEVR Head.
To determine the Management Accounting Practices (MAPs) in Small Business