generally accepted accounting principles

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a collection of rules and procedures and conventions that define accepted accounting practice

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Keywords: Difference-in-difference method, Corporate governance, Management accounting practice, Organizational performance
According to Islam and Kantor (2005), the major reason for the rise in importance of management accounting practice was the ability to reconcile with financial statement income numbers, which became increasingly more important.
Consider a two-stage deal--primarily designed for the small accounting practice of one to three partners who want to reduce their time commitment over a one- to five-year period.
It follows, therefore, that inventory rules cannot be uniform but must give effect to trade customs which come within the scope of the best accounting practice in the particular trade or business.
This measure revealed the need for constructing policy dealing with standardising accounting practice and generating debate regarding the topic of the conceptual framework within the context of local jurisdiction, professional development and discipline of accounting as a fundamental tool of economic growth and social welfare.
Deloitte & Touche has now completed its review at the request of Storebrand, and conclude that Storebrand's accounting treatment in connection with the alleged discrepancies are in accordance with good accounting practice," Storebrand said in a brief statement.
There are numerous reasons why an accounting practice may be subject to valuation.
When asked what they think their accounting practices are worth, most CPAs typically expect to sell for a price based on a multiple of the gross billings.
It also presents an opportune time to review the types of accounting practices that constitute a method of accounting for tax purposes, the general procedures by which a taxpayer may initiate a change in accounting method, certain benefits or consequences of initiating or not initiating a change, and a brief discussion of the new voluntary-method-change guidance.
Within its 774 pages, readers can learn about the automation of the accounting practice and familiarize themselves with computer terminology, equipment and procedures geared specifically for processing accounting data.
Whether your firm is acquiring another accounting practice, merging into another firm, merging the practice of another accounting firm into your firm--or even if you are becoming a partner in a firm--it is imperative that you conduct due diligence to ensure that the transaction will not expose you or your firm to significant liability or that you're not doomed from the beginning.
PCPS--the AICPA Alliance for CPA Firms and the Texas Society of CPAs partnered for the first time this year to offer the 2002 PCPS/TSCPA National Management of Accounting Practice Survey.
H contends that the amount paid for the right to receive consulting services from P and DP was necessary to aid in the division of the accounting practice.
Since then, the hall's international board of electors has admitted to its rolls 73 influential and esteemed accountants from education, accounting practice, government and business.
that address who may own an interest in an accounting practice.