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a firm of accountants who provide accounting and auditing services for a fee

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The firm, which was recently elected as the European auditor for Goldman Sachs International (NYSE: GS), said that it has now formed an alliance with five accounting firms. The alliance includes Canadian accounting firm, MNP LLP.
New technology is leading to audits being done more efficiently--and providing accounting firms with opportunities to provide value-add services to significantly deepen client relationships.
Inside Public Accounting (IPA) recently named the Ridgeland-based accounting firm of Matthews, Cutrer & Lindsay, P.A.
According to the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants (KICPA), Wednesday, the number of registered accountants in the big four accounting firms is 5,196.
In this paper, our aim is to explore the perceptions of owner-managers of small and medium sized accounting firms in regional and metropolitan Australia, to identify if there are differences across location.
"Our diligent staff has worked hard to keep pace and continue to be one of the top public accounting firms in the nation," said Tony Argiz, Chairman and CEO at MBAF.
Deloitte Taiwan, the largest accounting firm in Taiwan, reported that annual turnover at accounting firms have returned to the past levels of 15-25% this year, 2-3 percentage points higher than the level in 2009, when most domestic enterprises suspended personnel recruitment, decreasing raid on the talents of accounting firms.
Arkansas' accounting firms have not only held up quite well, but six of the top 10 firms in the state added CPAs and only two were down on this year's Largest Accounting Firms.
financial reporting processes, the PCAOB provides assistance by functioning as a liaison between registered accounting firms and the SEC.
While the small public company audit market is much less concentrated, the four largest accounting firms continue to audit almost all large public companies.
As a result, tax professionals from public accounting firms are doing significant amounts of provision work for their non-attest clients (sometimes referred to as "co-sourcing" these activities between the corporation and the CPA firm).
"We have enjoyed the opportunity to create an overall corporate identity for one of New Jersey's leading accounting firms and look forward to incorporating this design into the firm's future office expansions throughout the tri-state area."
Accounting firms worldwide have for many years formed alliances, and there are good reasons to do so.
The accounting firms have been accused of covering up their clients' sins, or perhaps worse, being unable to detect the fraud in the first place.
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