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a firm of accountants who provide accounting and auditing services for a fee

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They will encourage us to work with our accounting firms in a team environment whenever possible to accomplish these goals.
However, the text is directed toward accounting firms in general.
who served as the Company's independent registered public accounting firm since 2003.
PCAOB will accomplish its mission, she said, by "replacing, superceding and supplanting 60 years of self-regulation and standard-setting by public accounting firms.
After this determination is made (which could occur prior to April 26), public accounting firms have 180 days to register with the new board or cease all participation in public company audits.
Much of the existing research in the Australian context has been focused on the large 'big four' accounting firms and the metropolitan operational context.
While the small public company audit market is much less concentrated, the four largest accounting firms continue to audit almost all large public companies.
member firms, claiming that both worldwide alliances were "united accounting firms.
For accounting firms looking to start a mentoring program, two keys include not getting bogged down in administrative procedure and establishing the right mentor-protege relationship.
In some respects, the accounting firms have been hostage to the companies that engaged them originally for audit work.
Ever since the SEC issued its new rules, two types of tax services have raised serious questions from investors, auditors, regulators and others as to the ethics and independence of accounting firms that provide both auditing and tax services.
Who could have imagined that as a consequence of high-profile corporate scandals in the United States, accounting firms the world over would be forced under the supervision of a newly established agency in Washington, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board?
Rosen Seymour Shapss Martin, one of the United States top I00 accounting firms, does more than help its construction clients balance their books.
Many public accounting firms are asking current and new employees to sign non-competition agreements.
Small and mid-size accounting firms may not have the capital to expend to meet the requirements to retain material for a longer period of time.