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a system of recording all of a country's economic transactions with the rest of the world over a period of one year

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Assertions are assigned to at least one of three new categories: 1) assertions about classes of transactions (income statement); 2) assertions about account balances (balance sheet); and 3) assertions about presentation and disclosure (including footnotes).
The Federal Reserve recently raised its interest rate target by another 25 basis points Cop) and the Bank of England lowered its rate target by 25 bp; the Bank of Japan displayed less rigor than heretofore, maintaining current account balances in the range of [yen] 30- [yen] 35 trillion.
The system lets participants in 401(k) plans check fund and account balances, fund prices and investment objectives; request statements; enter or change personal identification numbers; and perform other transactions, without tapping any buttons on the phone.
Each call in the study included a pre-rate request based on call source, destination number, and account balance information, as well as a rate request that included a balance update and the writing of both a CDR and a billing event record.
Based on the cost-savings assumptions Persumma uses, Gooch calculates that a participant in the Springs plan would need a $62,352 account balance in order for the fees to be identical to Persumma's $12.99 per-employee monthly charge.
In principle, the world should be in current account balance every period; in fact, the records show a deficit of $130 billion for 1999, suggesting substantial underrecording of receipts.(3) But where?
The amortization of account balance method amortizes the taxpayer's account balance over a number of years equal to the life expectancy of the account owner or the joint life and last survivor expectancy of the account owner and beneficiary at an interest rate that does not exceed a reasonable interest rate on the date payments commence.
BOC cash-balance plan participants receive annual benefit statements, allowing them to track the growth of their account balances. Employees can also call an 800 number to ask for a current account balance.
We recommend that MRQ revise its reporting in respect of taxpayer's tax accounts summarized on the remittance forms to include: the opening balance in the taxpayer's account, payments received on account, the amount of tax assessed for the period, interest assessed, penalty assessed, and the closing account balance relating to the preceding reporting period on the remittance forms for the current period.
Average change in the account balance over a given number of previsous years added to last year's balance;
State Bank of India (NSE: SBI) considered to be the largest bank in the nation, is expected to cut its minimum account balance for savings accounts.
Summary paragraph: The average 401(k) plan account balance of the consistent participants grew at a compound annual average rate of 15.5%, from 2010 through year-end 2014, to $130,493.
The current account balance and the capital account balance were positive in July and amounted to Euro 635.7 M, compared to a surplus of Euro 566 M in July 2015.
Duterte revealed three Bank of the Philippine Islands bank certificates, showing his peso account balance was P17,766.96 on December 31, 2014, P17,816.98 on March 31, 2014 and P74,734.30 on April 29, 2016.
Summary: AzerbaijanEe's current account balance went from a surplus of US$ 177.3mn in 3Q15 to a deficit of US$ 463.0mn in 4Q15.