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Uma Devi also confirmed that Nik Faisal had himself sent a letter of instruction on July 31, 2013 to the bank, instructing that all bank account statements, correspondence and cheque books for Najib's accounts be channelled under his care.
The company has also added a number of new features, including the possibility of funding the account directly using the e-payment gateway (KNET) in addition to applications for smartphones and tablets for both Apple and Android operating systems and printing account statements.
New Delhi: Mutual fund industry body and front-line regulator AMFI may now ask the fund houses to disclose the individual distributor commission in the account statements.
That apparently fooled the regulators for years, until they conducted a routine examination in early January, when NCUA examiners found CHCU corporate account statements had larger amounts taped over what appeared to be the actual amounts in the credit union's corporate accounts.
The 78-year-old accountant said that he and employees at Madoff's firm manipulated customer account statements and filed tax returns based on the manipulated statements, but maintained that he wasn't aware that Madoff's entire business was a fraudulent operation.
A Pennsylvania securities broker is accused of defrauding elderly investors by issuing phony account statements that inflated account values, while also stealing from other clients in a repayment scam.
All his transactions are online and he gets account statements every time monthly systematic investment plan ( SIP) amount is debited from his bank account.
The charges arose from an alleged scheme by Mehdi and others to create and submit bogus brokerage account statements to collect class-action settlement payments not due them.
He was rumbled when other branch officials grew suspicious about his failure to show them account statements and intercepted bank documents which revealed the scale of his crimes.
Mr Afzal said Henrick refused to show other branch officials account statements as he needed the documents for his own records.
"It is a shocking breach of privacy and now I am seriously thinking about moving my account elsewhere." A Santander spokesman said: "Due to a technical error at our printer's, a number of current account statements dated December 18 have printed incorrectly.
A Santander spokesman said: "Due to a technical error at our printers, a number of current account statements dated December 18 have printed incorrectly.
Banco do Brasil required a solution to capture and process 60m savings account statements stored over 60,000 microfiches.
The amount will be included as a provision in the December 31, 2008 account statements. The payment date will be set during the ordinary general meeting scheduled for April 8 2009, based on shareholders of record date December 26 2008.