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The new PDF statement feature provides customers with access and download their detailed monthly account statement issued by QNB.
CDC has advised all Sub-Account Holders to carefully read the account statements and contact their Participant and CDC in case of any discrepancy.
A Post Office spokesman said: "An error which occurred during a print run by EDS of 5,500 Post Office card account statements resulted in a small proportion of these account holders - we believe around 120 - receiving incorrect information.
Some of the customers of the Nordic banking group Nordea were affected by errors in their account statements earlier this week when the bank stopped using currency definitions for some of the statements.
Specifically, the SEC alleges that on at least two occasions, Rusciano forged brokerage account statements to make it appear that a hedge fund account had millions of dollars more in assets than it actually had.
It does not require that bank customers stop receiving paid checks in their account statements, although these checks may be either the originals or in the form of substitute checks.
By enabling companies to fully realize the untapped opportunity of using enterprise documents such as bills, account statements and other customer communications to enhance existing customer relationships, StreamServe fundamentally changes the way companies communicate with their customers.
Documents including W-2s, 1099s, bank interest statements, and investment account statements can be assembled now to help support the numbers on your tax return.
Organizations running SAP for Banking solutions can now provide personalized messaging on all customer correspondence, including account statements, directly within the SAP NetWeaver user interface.
The initial launch of the LMIC Advantage branded program features a personal checking account with a no annual fee Visa[R] Check Card that can be used for ATM withdrawals and debit transactions, free access to online Bill Payment & Presentment, online account statements, unlimited check writing, and rebates for all domestic ATM surcharge fees.
In June 2006, Smith Barney and The National Arbor Day Foundation announced a campaign to plant a tree for every Smith Barney client who switched to paperless online account statements.
The Web portal can accept credit card payments as well as provide patients email notification of the latest account statements.
StreamServe Account Statement stimulates revenue by generating personalized up-sell and cross-sell offerings that are in line with a customer's current profile, and eliminates the confusion caused by poorly designed account statements that fail to meet consumer needs.
Using SAP-certified technology, Esker DeliveryWare allows end users to send and receive documents directly from and into SAP systems, including the most commonly used business documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices, and account statements.