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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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72-48,(15) which provides that, when a taxpayer establishes an account receivable under Rev.
Jack Greenthum's account receivable of $12,000 from Jasmine's Ground Covers qualifies as a business debt because:
Recharacterization of any transaction-year distributions as nontaxable is clearly allowable (including various multi-tier situations The ability to avoid a dividend by establishing an account receivable is not explicitly discussed in the revenue procedure, but there is no apparent theoretical or policy bar to relief.
166 is allowed for an account receivable to the extent such amount was not previously reported as income under the nonaccrual-experience method.
The court found sales made by Toys R Us through its retail outlets in the state created an account receivable and Geoffrey's licensing agreement with the company resulted the creation of a franchise.
The company also has access to funding for capital improvement, leasing and account receivable financing.
In connection with the purchase of each account receivable, the Company will be advanced 80% of its face amount.
The Company wishes to announce that it will set up an allowance of approximately C$1,500,000 against its consolidated and subsidiary accounts receivable and gross revenue to reflect the uncertainty of collecting an account receivable from a Florida-based customer that is operating under United States Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.