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the ledger that contains all of the financial accounts of a business

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First, it allows credit unions to success-fully consolidate member account history and determine which marketing offers are most relevant to a given member.
My own account history was telling me a quite different story - bills and readings are not linked to each other at all.
Members can update their contact information in the CTFA member database, check their account history, search the membership directory and get the latest CTFA newsletters.
They can avoid the monthly charge, and law enforcement cannot obtain an account history or accurately trace an account holder.
The service, which is currently being piloted around the UK and is to be rolled out during 3Q'2000, will enable the bank's customers to check balances, view account history, transfer funds, make bill payments and order statements and cheque books from their WAP-enabled mobile phones.
Thirty Dow customers in the pilot project will have online access to a bevy of services, including the status of their orders and their account history.
Under the provision, customers' transaction data, such as checking account history, still would be allowed to be shared among affiliated financial companies.
The additional steps of combining the data found in the account history of more than one year are comparatively easy once a time-line analysis has been performed.
Corillian Personal Money Manager (PMM) is an innovative transaction reporting and analysis solution, which significantly expands online access to account history and enhances online reporting and tracking.
The Comarch Smart Finance m-banking service is designed to offer access to all functions of the bank account, offering features such as account history, transfer and deposit processing.
Available as a free download at the Apple Store, the application goes through Harland Financial Solutions' Mobile E-Teller solution to connect with its CMC core platform for account history and transfers.
The bank claimed that the application allows customers to find stores and ATMs, check deposits, loans and credit-card balances and view pending transactions and account history.
CL Verify products and services deliver impressive returns by integrating and aggregating an unparalleled network of non- traditional consumer payment history, demand deposit account history, and consumer public record data.
The system then checks this spoken data against a database of up to 250m entries and displays the correctly spelled name and address together with any associated information such as the customer account history.
It would restrict the sharing of customers' health information among affiliated companies but would allow their transaction data, such as checking account history, to be shared even if they made an opt-out request.