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the ledger that contains all of the financial accounts of a business

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Under the provision, customers' transaction data, such as checking account history, still would be allowed to be shared among affiliated financial companies.
The additional steps of combining the data found in the account history of more than one year are comparatively easy once a time-line analysis has been performed.
Corillian Personal Money Manager (PMM) is an innovative transaction reporting and analysis solution, which significantly expands online access to account history and enhances online reporting and tracking.
A consolidated view, containing various pieces of information from the member's mailing address to their account history, gives institutions a better understanding of each individual member and their relation-ship with the credit union.
The system then checks this spoken data against a database of up to 250m entries and displays the correctly spelled name and address together with any associated information such as the customer account history.
It would restrict the sharing of customers' health information among affiliated companies but would allow their transaction data, such as checking account history, to be shared even if they made an opt-out request.
Advanced Account Management - Members have a complete, real-time view of their account information, enabling them to proactively manage their finances with up-to-date balances, transactions, payments, account history, eStatements, check and item images.
Individual transactions are evaluated by card issuers based on factors such as suspected fraud, account history, credit record, payment resources, revolving balances, prior cash advances, and safety and soundness considerations.
1 also has added Request-for-Quote functionality to its Requisitions application and Account History to its Accounts Receivable application.
NASDAQ: CORI), the top provider of online banking, online payments and anti-fraud solutions to the financial services industry, today announced the availability of Corillian Personal Money Manager (PMM), a next-generation online banking application that allows financial institutions to provide consumers with enhanced access to rich transactional information and extended account history that is available 24x7x365 from the convenience of the financial institution's online banking site.
They detail a consumer's credit history and include the types of credit a consumer has, his/her account history, and the frequency of on-time payments.
When combining, the account history and balances of the two accounts will consolidate into one, creating a simple way to clean up similar or duplicate accounts without losing information.