general ledger

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the ledger that contains all of the financial accounts of a business

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And, although it typically requires a complex process, e-billing systems (whether installed internally or provided on an outsourced basis) can also be integrated with a company's enterprise CRM or accounting system to build account histories and provide all employees with the same views of the billing account that the customer sees.
The agency should tout its technical knowledge, provide an analysis of the in-force book and submit account histories to prove that the book has been profitable.
They can check their daily balances and account histories going back two months, instruct transfers between accounts and pay bills online using the bill pay services.
Users can enter, track and maintain student information; record, store and update lesson plans; create electronic resource repositories for parents and educators; work from remote locations using Palm OS technology; and manage financial account histories and other financial information.
Search capabilities allow agents to query for specific information using a variety of different criteria, or the option of viewing entire account histories.
It features information exclusive to the organization, like targeted daily news feeds, analyst insights, customized newsletters, and online account histories. As an intelligence portal for companies, QuickLink affords centralized market research procurement and tracking, while decentralizing access to market research across an organization.
The service allows users to view their account histories, transfer money between accounts and check balances.