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Concerts, seminars, workshops and a unique accordion exhibition will all be part of the second Accordion Festival that's coming up on May 3 to 5.
Accordionist Martin Donaldson and his trio from Angus provided the musical entertainment a the latest meeting of Islesteps Accordion and Fiddle Club.
More than 100 accordionists from across the country will perform this month in Lisle as part of the 78th annual Accordion Festival.
HE No1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra are coming to North Wales!
THIRTY nine accordions with a value of PS130,000 have been stolen from a family-run music shop.
There is no doubting the exceptional virtuosity achieved by the duo on their chromatic button accordions.
By the 1950s, over 90 percent of accordions played by Americans came from their Italian factories.
"Ronnie had two or three accordions himself but didn't play in public.
DOZENS of accordions from the world's largest collection of the instruments have been stolen, it emerged yesterday.
Accordions Anonymous played at midday just where its been on opening day of Saturday Market for at least a dozen years, singing "Funicul", Funicul."
The Syd Lewis Broadcasting Accordion Band featured 21 accordions, and a concert drummer complete with timpani and tubular bells.
The book concludes with an appendix which includes some notes on the music notation, as well as two pages of photographs of the Paolo Soprani accordions used by Paddy O'Brien during his musical life and also a copy of a letter to Paddy from Paolo Soprani in Italy regarding the model he had custom-built for him in 1961.
Button accordions made by Italian craftsmen and sold to the Irish market in New York City are the subject of a research project that grew out of a lecture I give on the McNulty family.
FROM Flamenco Fusion to Eastern European accordions, there is a magnificent mix of music from all over the globe on offer at ArtsFest.