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Switching effortlessly from an electrified acoustic guitar to the mournful accordian, popular in urban South African music, he played a long set, including his song to Mandela, Asimbonanga (We have not seen him).
Charles Castronovo, tenor; Anastasios Comanescu, Austin Grant, guitar; Jake Jamieson, percussion; Alexander Lavruk, accordian; Aaron Stern, double bass.
He provided a splash of vivid colour on a dull canvas, and having reworked his classic songs for an acoustic album, is now taking this set on the road - with an accordian player!
The distribution of Tata pick-ups in South Africa started in 2004 through Accordian Investments (Pty) Ltd., a subsidiary of Associated Motors Holdings (AMH), which currently operates through a network of about 60 sales and service dealers.
The tracks on The Cherry Thing are characteristically genre agnostic, though Cherry says, "It's quite punk rock, the place where it's coming from." There's a raw, thumping take on The Stooges' "Dirt" ("I had to fight a bit to get that one on the record," she laughs, "But I won!") and a wildly cool arrangement of MF Doom's "Accordian," over which Cherry wails the line, Got more lyrics than a church got oh lords!
Three Bodies, driven by wheezing accordian, details the dangers and emotional emptiness of the quest for a perfect figure; Pretty Soon warns that you don't know what you've got until it's gone.
GREEN DAY: It's St Patrick's Day 1996 and this photopgraph shows members of an accordian band from Armagh.
Concert by Recordion Recorder and Accordian) 7pm FRIDAY: Central Methodist Church Blyth.
As we panic, he unzips his bag and produces an accordian. He is the local busker with built in PA system in his rucksack.
He accompanied himself on the bandonion, a type of accordian.
Cillian's older brother, Oisin, 7, plays accordian and bodhran, and sister Saoirse, 9, plays fiddle and does Irish dancing with the show.
It was over this track that he had previously failed narrowly against An Accordian. Even off a 7lb higher mark, he has every chance of coping with leading Grand National contenders Mr Pointment and Cloudy Lane if his latest lapse hasn't left a mark.
His duties include developing all the promotional materials for the five chamber-sponsored festivals: Bavarian Ice Fest, Mai Fest, Kinderfest, International Accordian Festival and Christmas Lighting and working with the committees that do everything from line up performers and entertainers to street closures.
Between them the ten-piece group played three types of percussion, piano, accordian, bouzouki, low whistles, Uilleann Pipes, fiddle, bass guitar, vocals, banjo and tenor and soprano saxophone.