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strabismus in which one or both eyes turn inward toward the nose

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Keywords: Amblyopia, Refractive accommodative esotropia, Stereopsis.
Accommodative esotropia is described as convergent deviation of the eyes related with activation of accommodation reflex.
reported that high hypermetropia was not risk factor for binocular vision in accommodative esotropia.
Clinical evaluation of cessation of hyperopia in 123 children with accommodative esotropia treated with glasses for best corrected vision.
Anisohyperopia with alternating fully accommodative esotropia.
It is possible for a decompensated fully accommodative esotropia or decompensated microtropia to result in the patient losing their binocular function.
Appears right fully accommodative esotropia without binocular single vision proven with current spectacles.
Adequate cycloplegic effect could be achieved with tropicamide in a teenage patient suspected of having latent hypermetropia, for example, whereas cyclopentolate is likely to be required for an infant suspected of having an accommodative esotropia.
As many as 15% of patients with infantile esotropia may have infantile accommodative esotropia, nearly half of whom can be fully straightened with spectacles.