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Synonyms for accelerator

a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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Select drive, depress the acclerator and a driving experience awaits.
An effort called the San Antonio Technology Acclerator Initiative has been funded by city leaders in hopes of catching some of the overflow of investment in Austin.
Like a particle acclerator, the actions of the dweller in his or her living experiments cyclically re-double themselves over time, yet in the same space, until some chaotic moment of expressive activity achieves an escape velocity.
Enea Acclerator Platform, Element, LINX, Polyhedra and OSE are registered trademarks of Enea AB or its subsidiaries.
Joe Maruschak, executive director of the RAIN Eugene business acclerator, said a growing economy is good for entrepreneurs.