Accipiter nisus

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small hawk of Eurasia and northern Africa

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The Eurasian sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus and black kite Milvus migrans commonly found in open woodlands, marshes, desert grassland, partially cleared lands, and cultivated fields.
Seasonal changes in the prey items (%) of Eurasian sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus.
The only significant negative coefficient present in our data was between fecundity rate and juvenile survival rate in Accipiter nisus.
In contrast, a much stronger negative correlation between those two variables was counteracted in Accipiter nisus by a strong positive indirect effect of [P.
For instance, the high covariation among the elements in the projection matrix of the Accipiter nisus population was computed during a period when the population increased rapidly in size, probably due to a large reduction of the pesticide levels in the environment (Wyllie and Newton 1991).
From a 19-yr study of Sparrowhawks, Accipiter nisus, in south Scotland, we now have data from enough old females to examine changes in both survival and reproduction that occur throughout the natural life-span.
The data used here derive from the Sparrowhawks, Accipiter nisus, nesting in one 200 [km.