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apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue (personified as one of the deadly sins)

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Accidie may be Theo's word for his condition; the reader is likely to think of it in terms of a family pathology--the incapacity for love running as a kind of refrain through Theo's autobiography.
In Europe, students alienated from their traditional communities and the world of work came under the influence of "jaded academics, many of them not much older than their students, [who] discovered an antidote for accidie and boredom through laicised left-wing messianisms and the espousal of violence for other people, an especially despicable trait among left-wing intellectuals.
The seven sins are: lust, avarice, envy, anger, accidie or sloth, pride, and gluttony.
Anscombe who sees accidie, or "the positive dislike of sense in human affairs," as "a mark of our times.
For example, medieval Europeans recognized well the emotion of Accidie (acedia)--a kind of spiritual torpor characterized by boredom, dejection and aversion to fulfilling one's religious duty (praying), which, in modern times, became obsolete.