John Quincy Adams

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6th President of the United States

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On some major security and intelligence issues, he claimed no knowledge or sought to shift blame to others, and the overall impression was of an accidental president who still has an uncertain grasp on power," Ignatius viewed.
Mr Ford was an accidental president, Mr Nixon's hand-picked successor, a man of much political experience who had never run on a national ticket.
From the book The Accidental President of Brazil, by Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
By briefly reviewing the democratic ideal of succession, one can appreciate the difficulties that face an accidental president.
As the accidental president, Mac has sidestepped inevitable outsized expectations, the bitch- and bull-dyke-baiting that would confront any woman candidate who would have to rely on politics and not plot to become president.
Bill Pullman's President Thomas Whitmore in Hollywood blockbuster Independence Day and Kevin Kline's accidental president Bill Mitchell in Dave followed.
The result was the famed war scare of 1948, in which that accidental President started trumpeting "the critical nature of the situation in Europe," the necessity for "speedy action," the "great urgency" of the problem of the Soviet threat.
Harding's death in 1923, Coolidge became an accidental president.
Our ally in the recent war, Uncle Joe Stalin, as the Accidental President Harry S.
Cardoso (president between 1995 and 2003) writes about the late 19th century in his book "The Accidental President of Brazil," which is indispensable reading for a proper understanding of the land: "The military school indoctrinated its students in a new philosophy known as positivism, which elevated science above religion as a way of seeing the world.
Although an accidental president, LBJ compiled a record matched by few, if any, who have held that office.
She has lasted longer in that office than most people thought likely at the time of her accession, but she remains an accidental President, a figure of transition rather than one of transformation.
He called himself "the accidental president," saying he had not sought the job and never expected to get it.