John Quincy Adams

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6th President of the United States

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On some major security and intelligence issues, he claimed no knowledge or sought to shift blame to others, and the overall impression was of an accidental president who still has an uncertain grasp on power," Ignatius viewed.
By briefly reviewing the democratic ideal of succession, one can appreciate the difficulties that face an accidental president.
Bill Pullman's President Thomas Whitmore in Hollywood blockbuster Independence Day and Kevin Kline's accidental president Bill Mitchell in Dave followed.
16) claims President Bush is an accidental president who got in on a technicality.
Our ally in the recent war, Uncle Joe Stalin, as the Accidental President Harry S.
The Accidental President takes a unique, and often comedic look at life inside the White House from the view of complete outsider.
Cardoso (president between 1995 and 2003) writes about the late 19th century in his book "The Accidental President of Brazil," which is indispensable reading for a proper understanding of the land: "The military school indoctrinated its students in a new philosophy known as positivism, which elevated science above religion as a way of seeing the world.
Bush supporters had finally accepted that their man is the accidental president who got in on a technicality, at best, somebody pops up under the delusion that the election was too close to call and that the Supreme Court did what it had to do in halting the election count at a time when it favored Bush.
In January, they will premiere another new series, The Accidental President, before beginning production on Justis, a unique and hard-hitting drama series.
He called himself "the accidental president," saying he had not sought the job and never expected to get it.
So here he is again: the momma's boy who became a World War I hero; the businessman with a record of failure; the late-starting, thoroughly uncharismatic Missouri pol who owed his job to a fabled backroom politicker and crook, yet managed to go relatively straight; the dim senator who astounded everybody with his exposures of corruption in the defense industry during World War II, probably saving the country billions of dollars; the ignored vice president and accidental president (``I'm not big enough for this job'') who faced up to a crush of momentous decisions from the instant he took office and then confounded the experts by winning re-election with his ``Give 'em Hell, Harry
He describes Baker as ``an unbelievable control freak'' who was constantly maneuvering behind the scenes, and he describes Bush as ``even more of an accidental president than Jerry Ford,'' a man who ``had absolutely no vision, no core ideological values and no real electoral strengths.
11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nashville's Left Brain Digital Productions has acquired the worldwide television and digital media rights to the critically acclaimed Accidental President Trilogy by Dixie Swanson.
From Watergate to Iraq, How an Accidental President Changed the Way We Live Now