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good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

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The reason why accidental discoveries fail to mesh with the substantive law of invention is an artifact of the law-technology disconnect.
HAPPY ACCIDENTS: SERENDIPITY IN MODERN MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS tells of happy accidental discoveries in the world of science, documenting events and also providing insights into how these accidents came to be realized as beneficial.
Revolutionary medical developments, such as penicillin, the Pap smear, and Viagra, came about less as the result of meticulous research than through accidental discoveries by scientists prepared to heed unexpected findings.
c) Numerous studies have concluded that tips and complaints are by far the most common way fraud is discovered in an organization, followed by accidental discoveries and, to a much lesser extent, analytical techniques.
It details finds by amateur and professional archaeologists and accidental discoveries by ordinary people going about their everyday lives.
Locating the building in such a central location on the campus has already resulted in many accidental discoveries of the exciting world of primary research materials.
Ed was there in the labs and in countless strategy sessions for the beginning of an industry that has grown from accidental discoveries in the laboratory, to a key business of some of the world's best-known corporate names and countless smaller ones, too.