great saphenous vein

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the longest vein in the body

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The duplication began from its origin near medial malleolus till the knee joint where it was joined by a tributary and later in the lower one-third of the thigh it branched like a mesh and formed three trunks which ascended in the thigh and in the upper one-third of the thigh two trunks joined to form anterior accessory saphenous vein and great saphenous vein proper, which emptied into the femoral vein by piercing the cribriform fascia.
This type of failure often involves an accessory saphenous vein.
Type III anatomic failure was found in 2 patients from this study, but without accessory saphenous vein and was treated with saphenofemoral junction flush ligation.
Clinical Significance: It has been postulated that accessory saphenous vein is more prone to varicose changes.
In the thigh it communicates with the femoral vein by perforator veins and receives numerous tributaries; those from the medial and posterior parts of the thigh frequently unite to form a large accessory saphenous vein which joins the main vein near the sapheno-femoral junction.