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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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Relatively high procedural success rate was observed in patients with an EPS diagnosis of AVNRT 293(96.7%) compared to patients with left-sided accessory pathways 75(71.43%), right-sided accessory pathways 49(63.64%) and multiple accessory pathways 17(60.71%) (Table-3).
After accessory pathway ablation, the patient was in nodal AV block with QRS complexes of normal duration (0.10 s).
Late clinical outcome after successful radiofrequency catheter ablation of accessory pathways. Eur Heart J 2001; 22:605-9.
Patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome had manifest left anterolateral (LAL) , left posterolateral (LPL), or left posteroseptal (PS) accessory pathways were further separated.
In patients with accessory pathways or dual AVN physiology, one can see re-entrant tachycardias in the postoperative period.
Accessory pathway automaticity after radio frequency ablation.
Left accessory pathways were approached using the retrograde aortic technique, except in two patients, using a transeptal technique.
Conclusion: ECG algorithm based on delta wave morphology / polarity had better predictive accuracy in identifying the accessory pathway location in Wolf-Parkinson White syndrome.
Any SVT that conducts antegradely over an accessory pathway (Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome) will produce a WCT.
(2002) while doing retrograde CS angiography demonstrated a CS diverticulum in 21% Coronary Sinus Accessory Pathway (CSAP) patients.
(2,3) Alternatively, a slowly conducting accessory pathway could be the conduit for the late atrial reentry or echo complexes.
That's because these drugs can trigger an antegrade conduction along the accessory pathway. (18) In this subset of patients, use a Class 1 antiarrhythmic such as flecainide or procainamide, or amiodarone for rate control (1) (TABLE 1).
WPW syndrome is a type of pre-excitation syndrome and is caused by the accessory pathway, mainly bundle of Kent joining atria and ventricle bypassing the normal atrio-ventricular pathway.
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome is the most common of the preexcitation syndromes and is due to an accessory pathway connecting the atria and ventricles.