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Synonyms for accessibility

Synonyms for accessibility

the quality of being at hand when needed

the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

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In selecting HiSoftware Company and its products, ACB specifically sought a company with qualities and solutions that make them leaders in web accessibility testing," said ACB President Gray.
Programmatic accessibility testing was most important in our initial (retrospective) site repair effort, as we were working against federal and state-imposed compliance deadlines," said Stephen Thergeson, Colorado Department of Education.
For example, compatibility testing, accessibility testing, functional testing (including exploratory techniques).
One of these attendees is now an intern with CODI, to help improve its technology for the visually impaired, and also to work on accessibility testing -- another area of focus for the centre to help expand the usability of mobile applications.
0 is a standalone Web accessibility testing module designed to help organizations test their site's level of standards compliance, including the U.
Tenders are invited for accessibility testing, evaluation, and consulting services.
0 AA, by: *Performing automated accessibility tests of the Citys website and all online services, using an automated accessibility testing tool approved by the United States, to identify any accessibility barriers; and *Enlisting individuals with different disabilities, including at a minimum individuals who are blind, deaf, and have physical disabilities (such as those limiting the ability to use a mouse), to test the Citys pages for ease of use and accessibility barriers.
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