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a worker who routes shipments for distribution and delivery

(computer science) a device that forwards data packets between computer networks

a power tool with a shaped cutter

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EAP1300EXT:11 ac Wave 2 Access Point with external detachable antennas
This eliminates the need for a power plug at each access point or phone.
For our example, we will use equipment designed for the "g" standard, a Linksys Wireless Access Point Router, which costs about $70, and two Ethernet cables, costing about $5 each.
The fact that two wireless clients can talk directly to one another, bypassing the access point as a whole, can jeopardize both party's confidential files.
Each access point in a wireless network is programmed with a unique identifier known as a Service Set Identifier (SSID).
The price of hardware necessary for wireless has dropped considerably, with access points ranging from $150 to $500 apiece, and network adapter cards as Low as $60.
Bluesocket's BlueSecure Access Points are next-generation, "thin" access points that work in conjunction with BlueSecure Controllers for enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) deployments.
Underscoring SMC's commitment to making wireless connectivity truly practical for multiple applications, the EliteConnect Universal Wireless Access Point joins the EliteConnect Universal 2.
Tatara has established partnerships with some of the industry's leading femtocell access point and packet data gateway vendors in order to ensure proper interworking of their products with the Tatara femtocell network integration products.
Vivato debuted the Bridge/Router last April and is engaged in an extensive beta program to test the product's capabilities as a stand-alone access point and as part of a Wi-Fi system, which includes Vivato's 2.
The ZoneGate access point will be shipped to customers with an active SIM card.
Wavelink's rogue access point detection offering is the only one of its kind that does not require special equipment or a dedicated effort from an IT administrator.
InspiAir overcomes the traditional challenges of large WiFi deployments, enabling an extended range of up to 5 kilometers from a single access point.
The new D-LinkAir DWL-900AP Combination Wireless Bridge or Access Point provides users with the ability to weave a "web" of wireless connectivity across large areas when set to one of the two bridging modes or create a wireless network infrastructure in access point mode.
Wavion is transforming the metro Wi-Fi market with a new category of spatially adaptive access point.